Angy McCarter 2022

2021-2022 Angy McCarter, CMA (AAMA)

Angy is described by her employer as an outstanding employee-undeniably smart, capable, empathetic,
respectful and works diligently to ensure the highest level of service to her patients and co-workers-
where she strives to foster a positive pulmonary practice.  She understands the level of effort that is
needed to close the loop for her patients, is organized, and is good at prioritizing multiple tasks, all while
keeping her work and home life well balanced.

She has been a CMA (AAMA) for over twenty years.  Per a fellow member, she is a genuinely caring person who will do anything for anyone.  She is a strong advocate for the CMA (AAMA) credential, the Nebraska Society, and the AAMA.  She has held numerous offices, served on several committees, and has attended the AAMA Conference as a delegate.

She has been the NSMA Secretary for the past four to five years, and has been installed as the Vice-President for 2022-2023.  Angy will become the NSMA President following Conference in the spring of 2023.  She will also continue her work on the Facebook page to keep members informed, encouraged and amused.  She also works on the Board’s Gmail accounts and keeps us safe from spam.

We appreciate Angy for all she does for our organization, and are honored to have her as our 2021-2022 CMA (AAMA) Medical Assistant of the Year.