Many of our members have given much of their time and talent to make our organization what it is today.
The Medical Assistant of the Year Award acknowledges their accomplishments.
Each Chapter is asked to select nominees and submit a letter of endorsement with each nomination.

The nominee must meet the following requirements:

  1. AAMA Member in good standing.
  2. AAMA Member for at least three years.
  3. Served as an active—officer and/or committee chair at the Local and State or on the AAMA National level.
  4. Made specific outstanding contributions to NSMA over and above the usual duties associated with being an officer or committee chair.
  5. Can only be nominated every 10 years.

______________Other guidelines______________

  1. The current President is not an eligible candidate.
  2. If nominated, the physician employer must verify in writing the medical assistants attributes.
  3. The nominee must furnish a current curriculum vitae to the committee.

________________Final Selection ________________

The final selection is made by an impartial panel of judges consisting of:

  1. The three State Medical Advisors.
  2. The Executive Secretary of the Nebraska Medical Association.
  3. The Executive Secretary of a County Medical Society.

If an employee of a physician advisor is nominated, the physician will be disqualified as a judge.  Another physician will be selected by the Awards Committee.

______________Announcement _______________

The Medical Assistant of the Year will be announced each year at the NSMA State Conference.